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Bolt Thrower Tourstart im Atak Enschede - vom 06.01.2010, 06:11

Kategorie: Musik

bolt throwerDie neuesten News aus dem Bolt Thrower Lager zum Tourstart im neuen Atak in Enschede !

No Grolsch, No Glory!

Bolt Thrower has always had a special bond with the Atak Club in Enschede / Holland. The small 300 capacity club was one of the first to start booking extreme bands in the late 80's. It was famous for it's out of control moshpits, stagedivers jumping off the balcony and crowd surfing wheelchairs! It's the only club Bolt Thrower have played on every tour in the last 20 years, 11 times in total, a true cult club and a real home from home for us.

Sadly in 2008, after being battered beyond repair over the years, the old lady had to close. Atak gave Bolt Thrower the honour to play the last show ever there, which we celebrated with 300 guests as a special free show.

In 2009 Atak moved to a new building and now we would like to celebrate our first show in the new Atak with another special free show. After talking to the guys from Atak and our favourite beer brewery Grolsch, who are also from Enschede, we came up with the following:

The show will be on April 29th, and Asphyx, Rotting Christ and Dew-Scented will be joining us on stage. But, to stop people just ordering tickets and then not turning up, we will be asking for a 5 Euro "deposit". Then at the show you will get a special "No Grolsch, No Glory" Bolt Thrower T-Shirt and a Flip Top bottle of Grolsch beer!

The new Atak is capped at 800 people, so if you want to help celebrate a new chapter in the Bolt Thrower / Atak history, you'd better hurry up and get your tickets HIER

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