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Asphyx mit neuem Bassplayer, Wannes wird ersetzt ! - vom 19.01.2010, 06:01

Kategorie: Musik

asphyxNicht so gelungene Nachrichten aus dem Asphyx-Lager, Wannes Gubels steigt bei den Old School Deathern aus und wird durch Alwin Zuur ersetzt.

New bassplayer:

Asphyx is pleased to announce that we have a new bassplayer. His name is Alwin Zuur and he already played in the old school death metal band Pulverizer (rip) and is also still
guitarist of the Dutch death metal band Escutcheon. Besides the fact that Alwin is a very nice guy he's also a 100% true old school death metalhead who, just like us, only wants one thing and one thing only and that's playing Death The Brutal Way without compromises.

His first show with Asphyx can be seen on the Hammer Of Doom III fest in Germany.
Alwin and Asphyx already rehearsed and it was a great experience with him on board.T he match was there. Alwin thinks and plays 100% Asphyx and being already a long time fan he stated himself
that "A dream came true".

The reason why we had to replace Wannes were the same as always: musical differences.And since Asphyx is a non-compromising band we had no other choice than to find a suitable replacement.
A replacement in the very person of Alwin of who we think was the missing link. We however wish Wannes all the best for the future, musically and personally and thank him for the past 3 years. Proost!...

We know that the loyal Asphyx' Hordes Of Disgust will embrace Alwin just as much as we do.

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