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GEÏST: benennen sich in EÏS um! - vom 16.03.2010, 06:21

Kategorie: Musik

Unsere Landsmänner der Black Metal Band GEÏST werden sich in EÏS umbenennen! Auslöser dafür ist eine Kölner Rockband, die ebenfalls GEIST heißt, und rechtliche Schritte einleiten wollte, wenn sich die Schwarzwurzler nicht umbenennen... Hier das Statement von EÏS:

» We, The Artists Formerly Known As GEÏST, have decided to re-name our band into EÏS. This decision is official from now on. EÏS will withdraw into its cavern for an uncertain time. What is certain is that we will be back one day this year, and even more certain: more resolute than ever.

If you wish to express your lack of comprehension for this decision, please directly send your lovely messages to an alternative rock band called GEIST from Cologne, founded in 2000 (www.myspace.com/geistrock), which have forced us to re-name our band by threatening us with law suits and fines. Certainly you will have heard of these guys. *cough cough!*

Well, seems you, our loyal listeners and fans, have made us really big and successful. At least too successful for the Cologne rock star boys to stand our overwhelming existence as GEÏST. Thank you very much - and expect our return later. «

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