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Forgotten Tomb-Kommentieren Downloads - vom 28.04.2011, 08:09

Kategorie: Musik

Forgotten Tomb haben eine Nachricht gepostet in der sie ziemlich angepisst sind über die vielzahl der illegalen Downloads:

To all those downloading & sharing our new album

Downloading is NOT supporting or promoting a band, it is the exact opposite. And don't say "alright I downloaded the album but I'll come to your show and buy you a shirt". Merchandise is a completely different thing, and by the way if the album won't sell there won't be live-shows. Live shows are done to support an album-release and boost its sellings, not to encourage free downloads. But the success and survival of a band depends on sellings, not on the number of free, illegal downloads. As bad as it might sound, that's the truth. If multi-million selling artists complain about illegal music downloads, try to imagine how worse this plague affects underground bands like FT. We're not getting rich around here. But if an album won't sell enough, there won't be money to produce the next one. This rule works both for the mainstream artists and the underground bands. And don't tell me "hey my neighbour has a one-man band and he records his albums at home with a computer and zero budget" : you can't compare that shit with a professional production. If there are recording studios, there's a good reason.
And after this small lesson of music business, go and get it.


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