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VALKYRJA auf Tour mit VADER und GORGOROTH - vom 05.08.2011, 06:11

Kategorie: Musik

 "The Sign of Hell Tour 2011" will be the tour to keep your eyes upon when the current season of light and warmth has withdrawn. Fronted by two of the titans of their kind, GOROROTH and VADER will - alongside VALKYRJA as support - set course toward a crusade with over 45 stops of mayhemic violence upon the european soil. This collection of utter carnage can be experienced between the end of October and the end of December.

It is decided, in celebration of this unity, to make the first stop on the tour the official release date for the vinyl edition of the album "Contamination". An update will follow within the near future including specifics for both the tour and the vinyl edition, we advice you to stay vigilant and await this glorious commemoration of darkness with eager hearts!

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