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Statements zu Morbid Angel`s "Illud Divinum Insanus – The Remixes" - vom 28.12.2011, 06:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Am 24 Februar erscheint ja die Remix Doppel Cd vom Morbid Angel Album "Illud Divinum Insanus". 39 Künstler aus der Electro / Industrial / Dubstep Szene haben darauf Titel vom letzten MORBID ANGEL Album geremixt.
Einige der beteiligte Künstler haben sich jetzt zu ihrer Arbeit geäussert.

"The idea of remixing the Morbid Angel album with such a variety and styles of remixes has been great. Personally, I tried to stay true to the original track, keeping the vocals and much of the original instruments, interjecting my own hardcore style, giving it a different, harder, electronic feel." - SCOTT BROWN
"It is such a great honor to remix Florida's death metal kings Morbid Angel... I'm familiar with their music since my Sepultura days and I love the direction and sounds of their new album!!! We tried to keep the essence of the tune "Too Extreme" and added some "Mixhell" flavor to it with some synths, noizes, bass lines and percussive beats." - Iggor Cavalera (MIXHELL)
"It was an honor being asked to remix such a high profile metal band. There's great art in what Morbid Angel does and converting such a full on rage of sound into a dance mix was challenging. I hope I kept the darkness and brought it to the dancefloor." - THE HORRORIST
"This is what I feel it's all about: Showing the world we're all free thinking artists who support each other, respect each other and dare to cross musical borders. It's all music. I hope you all enjoy the remix the way I enjoyed working on the project." - Kel (EVIL ACTIVITIES)
"When they asked me to make a remix of Morbid Angel, I was just like: That's the thing I wanted to do for years! And that was really cool to make it. I was thinking that they would finally not accept this track, as I didn't respect the stems so much. Apparently, they are crazy enough and I was happy to make a bridge between true metal and experimental electronic music." - IGORRR
"In a logical following to my album 'Rising Doom', I was happy to make my music meet extreme metal!" - MONDKPOF
"We had a lot of fun and we're proud to be part of this huge, bold project. We can't wait to listen to the whole thing in the darkest club of the world. It probably announces a new kind of art fusion between deathcore and electronic breaks. Definitely delicious terrifying exciting collaboration!!! Humans and machines are rising together!!!" - CHRYSALIDE
"For over 20 years in my career as a hardcore DJ and producer, this Morbid Angel project was an immense honor to me. Free to explore the possibilities of crossbreeding genres, it opened my eyes and heart once more to go deeper than the obvious. I enjoyed every second of it and am definitely going to pursue and experiment more with this whenever possible. Bring it!!!" - DJ RUFFNECK

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