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Boltfest ausverkauft ! - vom 10.01.2011, 06:55

Kategorie: Musik

 Die 1800 Tickets für das Boltfest in London sind ausverkauft, BoltThrower haben es geschafft ohne massive Werbung und ohne eine weitere Bandbestätigung innerhalb von 2 Wochen alle Tickets abzusetzen !!! Das zeugt von echter Beliebtheit !

Well, what can we say? We certainly didn't expect the first piece of news on the new Boltfest website to be that it is now SOLD OUT!!

The tickets went on sale a week before the Christmas holidays so we thought we'd be lucky if we sold 50 or so before the New Year, we had absolutely no idea we would sell all 1800 tickets in 2 weeks, especially with no other bands announced, and virtually no promotion!

We are extremely humbled and would like to say a massive "THANKYOU" to every single one of you who have bought a ticket, with your help we will be able to reach our target in raising £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust.

We will be announcing the other bands on the bill very soon, so keep checking back for more info..

Karl, Jo, Baz, Gav & Kiddie

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