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MANETHEREN signs with Debemur Morti Productions - vom 25.04.2012, 06:54

Kategorie: Musik

 Das relativ unbekannte Duo MANETHEREN ist das neueste Signing von Debemur Morti Productions. Einen kompletten Song der Band könnt ihr euch HIER als Überblick des Schaffens der Blackmetaler anhören.

Forget about the once old school Black Metal band lurking around since 2003 and welcome this renewed entity strengthened by drummer Thorns (NOCTERNITY, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE...). The first proof of their talent will be a colossal concept album that will challenge the listener and carry him through the darkest corners of the human psyche.


The US-based band MANETHEREN was born around 2003 as main project of the guitarist / composer Azlum. He recorded his first demo "The Seven Realms Of Manetheren" back in 2004 but, because he was not satisfied with it, decided not to release it. The first official release was the full-length "The Absence Of Light" in 2005, released by Graveyard Records 666, followed by the second album "Solitary Remnants" in 2008, released by Funeral Moonlight Records.

At that point Azlum decided to part ways with raw recordings and old school Black Metal in general, turning the band into something completely different... fascinated by the new wave of US Black Metal together with the Post-Rock scene he started composing new songs.

The result is "Time", a new 74-minute album recorded in both the USA and Europe with the help of Thorns (NOCTERNITY, FROSTMOON ECLIPSE...) on drums and Peter Anderson (RAISON D'ÊTRE) on ambient/atmospheric interludes. “Time" is the perfect fusion between melancholic Black Metal and Post-Rock/Post-Metal.
Featuring Peter Anderson (RAISON D'ÊTRE) on ambient/atmospheric interludes, “Time" is the perfect fusion between melancholic Black Metal and Post-Rock/Post-Metal. The album will be available in a 6-panel digipack CD on September 21th.

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