Musik - Doom Band The Gates of Slumber aufgelöst
The Gates of Slumber, die US Doom Band, haben sich nach dem Weggang von Bassist Jason McCash aufgelöst.
Das letzte Album "The Wretch" des Trios wurde 2011 und eine EP wurde Anfang des Jahres veröffentlicht.
Hier das Statement der Band: » Some of you may have noticed that Jason quit The Gates of Slumber this past week.
So, yeah. it’s done. I always said I’d never go on doing TGoS without Jason, I don’t think anyone ever really believed it, but yeah, it’s done. I did start the band, but McCash has been my best friend for the last 20 years, the last 10 in this damn band. He wrote amazing music and was a killer person to be around on the road.
Somewhere about 3 years back shit started to change, and it’s ended with him quitting. I’m sure he needs the break, probably from me… I’m starting to *kind of* get the hint.
So yeah. It’s done. «
UnDerTaker am 24.09.2013, 07:47