Musik - SAHG – Delusions Of Grandeur
 Bald ist es so weit… Neues Material von den Norwegischen Riff-Königen!

Nach ihren letzten drei Album, schlicht I, II und III betitelt, gibt es mit „Delusions Of Grandeur“ nun endlich ein neues Album der Band aus Bergen. Den meisten von euch sollte die Band bekannt sein, denke ich, egal ob von ihren Live-Aktivitäten, ihren begeisterten Kritiken, oder falls jemand zufällig von euch in Indien war, als die Band dort spielte . Wer die Band bisher mochte, wird auch das neue Werk schwerstens abfeiern. Neulingen sei die Band so oder so wärmstens ans Herz gelegt! Vorgeschmack gefällig?!

Hier der neue Studio-Trailer:

“There’s no denying our influences,” says Olav Iversen, frontman, guitarist, and co-creator of Sahg’s towering sounds. “Our biggest heroes are the bands that truly defined heavy music. Sabbath and Zeppelin have created some of the darkest atmospheres ever expressed by musicians. In later years, however, we have also taken a lot of influence from modern, progressive metal bands, like Mastodon and Opeth. But the key to making use of your influences isn’t by imitating their work, but by using them to create something new and unique.”
And nowhere is that more evident than on their latest opus, the curiously-titled Delusions Of Grandeur. Otherworldly, mystical, unflinchingly progressive, and unafraid to call upon the powers of doom, Delusions… is nothing less than 48 minutes of impeccable musicianship and flawless delivery. Recorded at Solslottet Studios – aka Castle Of The Sun – under production of Iver Sandøy (Enslaved, Krakow), Sahg’s fourth entry in the annals of wickedness is a doom-infused, heavy rock fireball that’s set to torch speakers around the globe.
“We recorded it live,” says Olav. “We wanted to capture the heat of the moment and the organic vibe of our live performance.”
Exorzist am 15.10.2013, 06:36