Musik - VANHELGA spielen nicht beim Kings of Black Metal
 VANHELGA haben verk√ľndet das sie nicht auf dem Kings of Black Metal Festival spielen k√∂nnen.
Hier die Originalnachricht:
"We are very sorry to have to announce that due to 145188's hospitalisation, Vanhelga will not be able to appear at Kings Of Black Metal. This was a show that we were very much looking forward to doing, and we had been planning a spectacular show for the fans. We had already solved a number of setbacks in order to play, but unfortunately this last one was not something we could fix. The festival however promises to be a fantastic one, with Watain headlining, so don't miss out on what will be a great evening."

Das Kings of Black Metal Festival wird am 25.04.2015 in Alsfeld stattfinden.
Alucard am 14.04.2015, 08:18