Musik - GLORIOR BELLI veröffentlichen Details zu "Sundown" inklusive erstem Song
 GLORIOR BELLI`s neues Album "Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)" erscheint am 6.Mai via Agonia Records. Das Lyricvideo zum Titelsong kann man aber jetzt schon antesten:
GLORIOR BELLI - Sundown (Official Lyric Video)

"The production is by far one of the best that Glorior Belli ever had" meint die Band. "Drums & Bass are absolutely devilish and placed under the spotlight. Everything was recorded, mixed and mastered in our own studios, having an absolute control as usual over the sound. The guitar work overall will bring you back to the origins of Glorior Belli".

"Conceptually wise, Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes) will smother you with darkness and light, both stuffed down your throat with the same rage that could be heard on Glorior Belli's ealier records. When the Night is coming down on you, will you find a way through the dark? A record for the very few of us who truly embrace the desire to break from the cosmic prison".

1. Lies-Strangled Skies
2. World So Spurious
3. Rebels In Disguise
4. Thrall Of Illusions
5. Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)
6. Satanists Out of Cosmic Jail
7. Upheaval In Chaos Waters
8. We Whose Glory Was Despised

- Jewelcase CD.
- Regular black gatefold LP (limited to 200 handnumbered copies).
- Gold gatefold LP (limited to 100 handnumbered copies).
- T-shirt in two different designs.
- Digital.
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