Musik - DEAD CONSPIRACY streamen komplettes Album
 Dead Conspiracy waren Portland's allererste Death Metal Band, jetzt endlich bringen die Mannen ihre erste full-length LP mit neuem Material an den Start. Das selbstbetitelte Vinyl kann jetzt ├╝ber die Seite vom Decibel Magazine komplett gestreamt werden.

Checkt das neue Material HIER

Dead Conspiracy will be available through the band on vinyl and digital formats. Exile Music will release the album on cassette. CDs featuring the 1987 demo and a cover track recorded for Tribute To Headhunter Death Cult will be available in Brazil by Funeral Rites Records.

The follow-up to the band's critically-acclaimed 2014 Abomination Underground, the self-titled album is an utterly destructive, dark, depraved, and disgustingly satisfying piece of death metal that fans of Death, Gruesome, Sodom, Massacre and all the old gods will surely appreciate.

This is beyond old school - this is fucking original!

"DEAD CONSPIRACY was one of the world's first death metal bands. We were seriously surprised at how heavy and driving and intricate the material was, well advanced back in the day; before it's time. Fucking glad it's finally getting out there!"
- Mitch Harris (Napalm Death)

"If you like old school, brutal, pounding death metal then you MUST check out DEAD CONSPIRACY! You'll be headbanging so violently that your neck will never forgive you!"
- Richard Christy (Death, Charred Walls of the Damned, The Howard Stern Show)
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