Musik - Neues Album von Ares Kingdom
 Die in Kansas City beheimateten Death Metal Veteranen Ares Kingdom sind im Studio um ihr viertes Album "By the Light of Their Destruction" einzuspielen.

By the Light of Their Destruction soll im Frühjahr 2019 als LP, CD, Picture disc, Kassette und als digitales Format über Nuclear War Now veröffentlicht werden!

The Hydra Void
Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem)
Dark Waters Eridanus
Radiant and Storm
Eighteen Degrees Beneath
The Bones of All Men
A Reward for Sin
Talis Chimera Est

Die Bandmembers haben noch folgendes zu sagen:
"Fourth albums are often more technical and noodling than an ordinary band’s older records, and so are notoriously lacking original fire and fury. Rarely does a band in our position purposely make their approach more primitive, but for us, it was the obvious thing to do," said bassist/vocalist Alex Blume.

Drummer Mike Miller echoed, "While the new songs and our production style still sound like Ares Kingdom, our focus during rehearsals was on the primal power of the songs. It’s easily the heaviest material we’ve ever come up with."
Exorzist am 20.08.2018, 11:46