Musik - Iron Bonehead Productions geben Release den Newcomern "Order of the Nameless Ones"
Gestern hat Iron Bonehead Productions den 7. Dezember als internationales Release Datum für das Debutalbum von der Band "Order of the Nameless Ones" festgelegt. "Utter to Me the Word of Wrath" wird als CD und LP erhältlich sein und ist nach der 2014 erschienenen Demo, das zweite Projekt der Amerikaner. Viel ist bisher noch nicht bekannt, Iron Bonehead Productions äußerst sich wie folgt zum kommenden Werk:

» Truly a mysterious and enigmatic entity, Order of the Nameless Ones released their debut demo in 2014 and have been patiently lying in wait, ready to unleash a full-length of devastating proportions. At last, it has arrived, with the ever-fitting title Utter to Me the Word of Wrath. True to its word, Order of the Nameless Ones here create eight churning 'n' coruscating tracks of cavernous, utterly barbaric DEATH METAL. Their barbarity is familiar in a sense, rooted as it is in the ancient days of the Metal of Death, but the overwhelming onslaught that ensues is suffused with Lovecraftian mythos and modern occultism, altogether creating an obscurity perfectly in line with their moniker. But let it be known that obfuscation, whether for its own sake or otherwise, is nowhere to be found here: Order of the Nameless Ones prize order and stridently exude a militancy that puts Utter to Me the Word of Wrath above the unwashed hordes of no-riff "caverncore," their savage-yet-finessed storm of double-bass blasting and downtuned composition creating a clarity of form. And it works its serpentine, slipstreaming spell the deeper you go into the 29-minute album.«

Zum Reinschnuppern wurde uns allerdings schon was geboten. Hier das Video zum neuen Track "Runes of Cosmic Blasphemy":

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