Musik - DIRGE zeigen neuen Titel via DECIBEL
 Die indischen Sludge Doomer DIRGE veröffentlichen ihr Debütalbum "Ah Puch" am 19.10.2018.

Das Decibel Magazine zeigt mit "La Malinche" einen ersten Titel. “The song explores the mindset of La Malinche, a woman who played a key role in orchestrating the genocide of the Aztec civilisation,” erläutern Dirge. “The evil in her psyche is imagined as a physical manifestation of the ancient Mayan goddess of suicide, Ixtab.”.

"The new song “La Malinche” moves at a funeral doom-like pace, dragging itself along on crawling riffs and the reverberating, howling vocals from singer Tabish Khidir. In addition to their sludgy influences, Dirge draw from more upbeat death/doom, offering brief respites from the lethargic pace of the song. It’s a welcome element that ultimately strengthens the song, which clocks in at over nine minutes."

– Vince Bellino, Decibel Magazine

Ashish Dharkar - Guitars
Varun Patil - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Harshad Bhagwat - Bass, Backing Vocals
Tabish Khidir - Vocals
Vineet Nair - Drums

Produced by DIRGE & Apurv Agarwal
Recorded by Apurv Agarwal at DBF Funhauz, Malad - Mumbai
Mixed by Sanford Parker (Hypercube Studios) Chicago, Illinois
Mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege) Oregon, Portland

Artwork by Gaurav Basu (Acid Toad)
Alucard am 26.09.2018, 08:00