Musik - Neuer Bassist von CRESCENT ist André aka A. von Chaos Invocation
 Nach der Trennung von Bassist Moanis haben CRESCENT jetzt seinen Nachfolger bekanntgegeben. Es ist Andre, besser bekannt als A. von Chaos Invication.

Hier die offizielle Meldung:

ANNOUNCEMENT: A new member joins CRESCENT!

We are extremely happy to introduce to you our new bassist André!

André (also known as A.) is the mastermind behind a couple of prominent Black Metal projects like Chaos Invocation, which is one of the fiercest Black Metal bands of our day and one of the most prominent Black Metal bands in Germany.

We have known André for some time now and it makes complete sense to us to have such a brother in our midst! Not to mention that other than being a talented bassist, he is a great vocalist and will be joining Ismaeel and Youssef on vocals as well. André is no stranger to our sound or topics, and with us he will strengthen the spirit that drives CRESCENT forward.

We are excited to be creating music and raising hell on stage together!

Give hails to our brother and welcome him in CRESCENT!
Alucard am 21.02.2019, 20:09