Musik - SABOTAGE: No Clean Singing streamt die Debüt EP 'The Order Of Genocide'
 Die aus Mumbai (das frühere Bombay) stammenden Thrasher haben am 03.August ihre Debüt EP "The Order of Genocide" veröffentlicht.

Die Band kommentiert das: “The Order of Genocide talks about the atrocities that take place every single day and how the world is inching closer towards doom. Every single track is bound to dislodge a bone or two when the mosh pit breaks open! The release of the EP will also pave way to a tour in India across few cities!”

"...these dudes are bone-breakers, with a penchant for brutal grooves, and an equal flare for anthemic melody, spectacular soloing, and politically charged lyricism, all of which elevates their fierce music above a lot of the been-there, done-that, beer-soaked sloppiness that we also call thrash," meint No Clean Singing die die EP in voller Länge als Stream zur Verfügung stellen.
Alucard am 04.08.2019, 08:00