Musik - Nifrost zeigen neue Single "Varden" aus dem kommenden "Blykrone" Album
 Die norwegischen Pagan Black Metaller NIFROST haben mit "Varden" die zweite Single aus ihrem kommenden "Blykrone" Album veröffentlicht das am 18.Oktober erscheint.

"The song is about the burdens many carry while trying to climb towards their summit. It is also about the ones who never reach their purpose and the importance of perservering."

"Varden" @ Youtube:

"Blykrone" erscheint in folgenden Formaten:
* digipack CD
* 12"LP limited marbled-stone vinyl (Limited to 100)
* 12"LP black vinyl
* Digital-streaming


"Nifrost is combining black metal-inspired riffs with pure Norwegian folk music and with vocals that range from screams and deep growls, to melodic clean passages written and performed in their mother tongue."
Alucard am 15.08.2019, 08:00