Musik - SLAVEONE kündigen zweites Album namens "Omega Disciples" an
 Die französische OldSchool/TechDeath Band SLAVEONE kündigt ihr zweites Album an, "Omega Disciples" erscheint am 24.01.2020.

Mixed and Mastered by Julien Desjardin at Marmelade Production
Cover artwork by Above Chaos

Tracklist :
1. Lightless Perspectives
2. Debris
3. Dissident Flesh (feat. Warchangel of Ritualization)
4. Carbon Mantra
5. Shapers Of The Inconsistent Horizon
6. Ce que dit la bouche de l'ombre
7. Les disciples de l'Omega
8. Suffocating The Stars (feat. Laurent Muad’dib CHAMBE, ex-Nephren-Ka)

The album will be available in different formats :
- limited edition digipack 4-panels
- limited edition Box Set
- Digital
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