Musik - Black Metaller Advent Sorrow trennen sich von drei Live-Bandmitgliedern
advent sorrowDie australischen Black Metaller Advent Sorrow trennen sich von drei Live-Bandmitgliedern.
Mastermind und Alleiniger Studiomusiker und Sänger Rhys hat auf der Bandseite die Trennung von Drummer M.D, Keyboarder T.L und Gitarrist Hr.S bekanntgeben. Dies sollte nach seiner Aussage den musikalischen Output der Band nicht ändern. Anbei das bisherige Line-up und das Statement von Advent Sorrow.

R.K (Vocals and studio instruments)
Live Members:
J.K (live bass)
B.G (live guitar)
S.B (live guitar)
C.R (live drums)

» Dear Slugs, I have an announcement.
The drummer M.D, keyboardist T.L and guitarist Hr.S will no longer be playing live together with Advent Sorrow in the future. I thank them for playing live with me over the years, and for the great times that we have had.
This will not affect the music at all. As most of you know I have written the music of Advent Sorrow, created the concept, managed the band and therefore I will continue making music under the name of Advent Sorrow. I have been living in a completely different country than them for the last 4 years, and this has not affected me creating music. The change of the live line-up will not affect the future or sound of the band.
I became part of the band when I was 19, young and idealistic. It was unrecognisable - the name had been chosen but not much else was going on. The rest of the band were happy to sit back and let me do the hard work. In the past few months communications have broken down.
I intend to continue the band and hope that you will be there to support me to continue to make music and play live.
Thank you all for the support
UnDerTaker am 15.11.2019, 13:37