Musik - NECROWRETCH streamen Titel vom neuen Album 'The Ones From Hell'
 Die französischen blackened Death Metaller NECROWRETCH zeigen jetzt den zweiten Titel aus ihrem kommenden Album. "The Ones From Hell" soll am 14.02.2020 bei Season of Mist erscheinen.

NECROWRETCH streamen den Titelsong "The Ones From Hell" hier:

NECROWRETCH kommentieren: "I am of flames and of flames I'm not...With this satanic incantation from another time we invite you to enter to the realm of The Ones From Hell. As the title track is meant to be the keystone of an album, 'The Ones From Hell' stands here as the highest pillar of our gateway to the abyss. Surrender now to these messengers and recite their psalms with dedication."
Alucard am 12.12.2019, 11:56