Musik - KVAEN streamen ‘The Funeral Pyre’ Titelsong via No Clean Singing
 "The Funeral Pyre", das Debütalbum der schwedischen Black Metaller KVAEN, erscheint am 28.02.2020 bei Black Lion Records. Den siebenminütigen Titelsong könnt ihr jetzt schon bei No Clean Singing antesten, in dem Titel sind Sebastian Ramstedt (Necrophobic, Nominon) und Freddy Ortscheid (Black Lily, Omnicide) als Gäste zu hören.

Jakob Björnfot von KVAEN kommentiert: “‘The Funeral Pyre’ was one of the first songs that I composed for this album. I lived in a big house on a huge mountain in the VERY north of Sweden. I had nature around me everyday. It was very inspiring, to say the least. One day, I was messing around on my computer, trying out ideas. I remember that I had the fireplace burning and it was snowing outside. I wanted to write a song where I could feel the connection of spirits in Tornevalley and I have to say: I succeeded. The atmosphere, Sebastian’s solo, and the lyrics became something truly unique.”
Alucard am 15.12.2019, 08:00