Musik - NERVE SAW - Debutalbum im März
 Testimony Records haben das Signing der finnischen Death Metaller NERVE SAW verkündet!

Das Debutalbum der Band "Peril", wird am 27.März als CD, Vinyl (mit einem anderen Cover) und in digitalem Format veröffentlicht. Einen ersten Eindruck könnt ihr euch in Form des neuen Songs "Last Verse for the Buried" verschaffen.

Checkt den Song HIER! an.

"Peril" combines the no-nonsense approach of early punk albums to gnarly, brain melting death metal. It is an unstoppable bulldozer of a record, with obvious crossover potential. Imagine At the Gates playing GBH, or Carnivore and you start getting there. It was recorded, produced and mixed by Javier Félez (Graveyard, Teitanblood) at Moontower Studios, mastered by Mikko Saastamoinen / Transistor Media (Hooded Menace, Solothus) and features an outstanding artwork by Raúl Fuentes / Mörtuus-Art.

1. A Fool
2. Life Goes On... Not
3. No Lead
4. The Red Line
5. Ghosts in Dialogue
6. Empty Heart
7. Nails
8. Last Verse for the Buried
9. P.I.A.T.
10. The Eye of the Golem
11. Wolves of the 80's

Markus Makkonen - Vocals / Bass
Heikki Matero - Guitars
Michael Dorrian - Drums
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