Musik - Bodyfarm geben neuen Bandmember am Mikro und Bass bekannt!
 After a very turbulent year we are stoked to present to you Bodyfarm’s new berserker on vocals & bass:

Ralph de Boer

Ralph is known for his vocal- & bass-duties in Dutch extreme metalheads Radiathor & Dead Head and therefore an experienced and very motivated addition to our 4-headed warmachine!

This also means Alex will switch from bass to his old craft guitar!

Quint Meerbeek – Drums
Alex Seegers - Guitars
Bram Hilhorst – Guitars
Ralph de Boer - Vocals/bass (2nd from left)

We are relieved to have a steady and very determined line-up ready for battle again! All hails to our “interim” brother David R Kreft for helping us out during our search!

Ralph’s baptism of fire will be at the 7th of March in Charleroi/BE!

Welcome at the battlefield Ralph! 👊🏻

Picture by Cindy van Stralendorff
Exorzist am 02.02.2020, 19:42