Musik - SCALPTURE zeigen neues Video zum Song „Hell Is a Field In France“
 Eine Woche vor dem Release vom kommenden Album „Eisenzeit“, freuen sich FDA Records und die Band, dass neue Video zum Song „Hell Is a Field In France“ präsentieren zu können.

Zum Video geht es HIER!

Scalpture turn out to be a surprisingly individual take on true-and-tested genre formulas.While the members were doubtlessly raised on a diet of Bolt Thrower with two big spoons of Dutch and American fare respectively, it’s clear from the outset that Scalpture’s second full-length is its very own beast. As a musical narrative unfolding during the ravages of World War I, “Eisenzeit” (“iron age”) does not once plumply glorify armed conflict and heroic violence but displays a peculiar depth.

SCALPTURE - „EISENZEIT“ hits the stores February 21st. by FDA Records/ Soulfood Music (CD/Download) and Fucking Kill Records (Vinyl - under exclusive license from FDA Records).
Exorzist am 14.02.2020, 18:52