Musik - Death Metaller EX DEO bringen neue Single "The Philosopher King" am 13.3.2020
EX DEODie Death Metaller EX DEO veröffentlichen zusammen mit Special Guest Francesco Ferrini von FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE am 13.3.2020 eine neue Single mit dem Titel "The Philosopher King" via Napalm Records.

Iacono: » It’s been three years since the release of The Immortal Wars – an album that propelled EX DEO to a new level. This time, we didn’t want to wait another five years to release new material, so we decided to release a standalone new single called, “The Philosopher King” while we wait for the follow up album to The Immortal Wars. For this track, we asked our brother, the talented Francesco Ferrini, for his contribution on the orchestral score. «
UnDerTaker am 19.02.2020, 18:10