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 VENOMOUS SKELETON ist ein neues Projekt von 3 Leuten die wir schon von Sonne Adam kennen, die Band hat nun eine Vinylvariante von ihrem Debütalbum “Drowning In Circles” angekündigt.

"VENOMOUS SKELETON injects a lethal dose of proto Metal Of Death to their sound, exposing more of their musical roots, roots that are deeply buried into the same rotten soil that the pioneers of death metal walked on in late 80’s and early 90’s."

"“Drowning In Circles” consists in 9 blasphemous hymns where sheer death metal aggression is elevated to perfection by an evil, eerie atmosphere that permeates every song of the album."

Das vorbestellbare Vinyl erscheint bei Argento Records, die Cd kommt via Everlasting Spew.

Das Artwork stammt von Bandchef.


1. Dawn of the Beholders
2. Divine Realm of Existence
3. Tomb of the Restless Soul
4. Alevas San Tatianas Aleli
5. Chalice to the Other World
6. Taste the Celestial Blood
7. Curse of the Moon
8. Hallucinogenic Sulfuric Mantra
9. Drowning in Circles


Nir Doliner - Vocals, Guitar
Chen Dahan - Bass
Davidov - Drums


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Die Vinylversion soll im Juni 2020 erscheinen.


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Alucard am 07.03.2020, 13:04