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 Die in Schweden beheimateten Death Metaller CENTINEX haben ihr neues Album "Death In Pieces" angekündigt, erscheinen wird das gute Stück am 29.05.2020 bei Agonia Records.

Kommentar der Band: "We are very excited to finally have this new killer Centinex disc recorded and ready to be released! As some of you have noticed, due to various reasons the band has kept a bit of low profile during the last years, so now it feels great to be back on track with this intense slap of death metal brutality featuring a new hungry and dedicated line-up!".

"Death In Pieces" haben CENTINEX zusammen mit Johan Hjelm im Wellbay Studio aufgenommen.
Mix und Mastering übernahm Ronnie Bjornstrom im Enhanced Audio Productions Studio (Aeon, Bodyfarm, Meshuggah). Das Albumartwork stammt von Bahrull Marta.

1. Only Death Remains
2. Derelict Souls
3. God Ends Here
4. Tomb of the Dead
5. Human Torch
6. Pieces
7. Cautarized
8. Beyond the Dark
9. Sacrifice
10. Skin Turning Grey
11. Break Your Debris *

*CD exclusive track.

- Jewelcase CD.
- Digipack CD.
- Black LP.
- Cyan piss LP.
- Red LP.
- T-shirt.
- Digital.

Henka Andersson - vocals
Jorgen Kristensen - guitars
Martin Schulman - bass
Florian Rehn - drums

Upcoming shows:
20.05.20 DE Röbel - Fuck the Commerce Festival
29.05.20 RU St Petersburg - Zoccolo 2.0
30.05.20 RU Moscow - Monoclub
12.06.20 SK Sered - Flesh Party Open Air
24.07.20 CZ Volyne - Enter the Eternal Fire Fest
09.10.20 DE Berlin - Berlin Deathfest

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