Musik - Nautic Funeral Doomster AHAB kommen bald mit Live Album "Last Prey"
ahabDie deutschen Nautic Funeral Doomster AHAB bringen am 26.6.2020 via Napalm Records ihr erstes Live Album an den Start. Aufgenommen wurden die Songs beim Death Row Fest 2017 in Jena, Deutschland. Es wurden dort die Songs vom 2006er Album "The Call of the Wretched Sea" gespielt.

Drummer Cornelius Althammer:
» We are pretty proud to present our first live album: These songs were written a long time ago, even before we became a proper band. Over the years and with a bunch of new live experiences, the songs have evolved and we were finally given the chance to capture them in a way they deserve. The days you have seen us perform them live, the way the songs have developed – you were able to witness the process on how we became AHAB. «

Einen ersten Teaser gibt es hier zu hören:

Live Prey Tracklist:
01. Below The Sun
02. The Pacific
03. Old Thunder
04. Ahab's Oath
05. The Hunt
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