Musik - GAEREA veröffentlichen ersten neuen Song von 'Limbo'
 Die Portugiesen GAEREA veröffentlichen einen ersten neuen Song von kommenden Album 'Limbo'. Das neue Album soll am 24.Juli über Season of Mist erscheinen. Ein Video zum Song "Null" gibt es HIER zu sehen.

Cover artwork: painted by Eliran Kantor (Testament, Iced Earth, Sodom)

1. To Ain (11:15)
2. Null (6:01) (HERE)
3. Glare (7:16)
4. Conspiranoia (9:15)
5. Urge (4:50)
6. Mare (13:11)
Total playing time: 51:48

GAEREA comment on the video: "NULL exploits the unnatural vision of the undying martyrs. These are different souls from another time. The power of being a living creature and not just a random programmed soul who is constantly being dragged into the false Sunlight. "Suicide is part of your life" was never about them, but us as its the only threat worth dying for. I am not from this world."
Exorzist am 13.05.2020, 20:12