Musik - GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT bald wieder am Start?
grand supreme blood courtSind die Holländer GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT bald wieder am Start?
Auf Facebook postet die Band, dass man sich nie aufgelöst habe, sondern die Band nur auf Eis gelegt wurde. Die Mitglieder überlegen, ob es wieder an der Zeit wäre, in Originalbesetzung live aufzutreten. Neu Aufnahmen sind Stand heute aber (noch) nicht geplant.
2012 veröffentlichten GSBC ihre Album "Bow Down Before the Blood Court" und 2014 eine Split mit dem Namen "Imperial Anthems No. 15".

» Eternal thanks from the judges for the overwhelming support on our previous posted messages. Seems we have not been forgotten at all eventhough GSBC never have been split up officialy, as it was just on ice.
With these previous post we also get a lot of questions. To clear some things out. Some bookers asked us if we would be available and willing to play some shows in a near future. That triggered our Blood Court hearts. So we agreed to give it a shot (in the original line up) and see where it ends. For now there are no plans for a new record. We all have our duties to our other bands as well, so we have to fit it in.
But you never know where the future brings us. Its an open book, and we are more then thrilled to play this brutality again.
In the mean time you still can enjoy our debut album "Bow Down Before the Blood Court" or this song "Welcome to the Sawmill" which we released on a 7" EP via Cyclone Empire which was our last release back in 2013.
Again a big cheers for all your support and stay brutal.
GSBC/ Alwin«

Zur Erinnerung, GSBC sind:
Martin van Drunen - Vocals
Alwin Zuur - Gitarre
Eric Daniels - Gitarre
Bob Bagchus - Drums
Theo van Eekelen - Bass
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