Musik - VARATHRON veröffentlichen Liveversion von 'Tenebrous'
 Die griechischen Black Metal Ikonen VARATHRON geben uns jetzt einen ersten Einblick in "Glorification Under The Latin Moon", dem Livealbum zum 30jährigen Bestehen der Band. Das erscheint am 25.September bei Agonia Records, die Liveversion von 'Tenebrous' könnt ihr hier antesten:
VARATHRON - Tenebrous (Official Live Single)

VARATHRON kommentieren das Livealbum: "During these weird and uncertain days we wish to all our friends, brothers and sisters health and better days to come. In recent years we had the chance to meet wonderful people! We are happy to share with you some important news specially dedicated to you, our supporters and friends: we present to you our new - first time ever - live album! 'Glorification Under The Latin Moon' was recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the last show of our 2019 adventure in South America. The album includes a historic setlist with songs since 1988, our latest opus 'Patriarchs Of Evil' and 'His Majesty At The Swamp' in its entirety. The show was organized by our tour manager and friend Robson Calura and Storm Productions. Lots of thanks to every photographer, engineer and organizer who helped us create something truly special! ".

01. Cultum Deus Aeternum (Ιntro)
02. Ouroboros Dweller
03. Cassiopeia's Ode
04. Tenebrous
05. Saturnian Sect
06. His Majesty at the Swamp
07. Son of the Moon
08. Unholy Funeral
09. Nightly Kingdoms
10. Lustful Father
11. Flowers of My Youth
12. The River of my Souls
13. The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep
14. Genesis of Apocryphal Desire
15. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Outro)
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