Musik - THE DEVIANT streamen neuen Song "Atomic Revolt"
 Die norwegischen Extrem Blackened Deather THE DEVIANT haben ihren neuen Song "Atomic Revolt" vom neuen Album "Rotting Dreams Of Carrion" Online gestellt.
"Rotting Dreams Of Carrion" wird am 9.Dezember via Soulseller Records veröffentlicht.

Checkt den neuen Song "Atomic Revolt" HIER!

Expect the riffs, the solos and the speed from the highly acclaimed previous releases, spiced with a few new elements as well. The vultures are rising!

1. Atomic Dreams
2. Atomic Revolt
3. Son Of Dawn
4. Torment Inferno
5. It Has A Name (
6. Martyrdom
7. Iron Vultures
8. Enter The Storm
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