Musik - Drummer Tempest verlässt die Berliner Deather MAAT
 Unschöne News der Berliner Deather MAAT !

It's sad to announce that 'Tempest' decided to leave Maat due to private reasons.
Here's a little statement by him:

10 years, 2 Albums, one EP,many many shows and travel hours in our bus, friendship and almost only crazy great moments together in many countries over Europe.
But time changes and so do priorities in life.
Maat has been a significant part of my life over the last decade and Maat will always be in my blood.
But now I've to go different paths with more focus on family, my tattooing business and mental health.
Though I'm sadly leaving my buddies from the drummer's point of view I am glad to have these guys, my friends still in my life!
For the future (and of course there will be one) I wish you all the best!!!!Love you!
To all the people that I've met in connection with the band: Thank you!!!! For beeing you, for your support and for great moments!
- cheers, Tempest!
Exorzist am 08.11.2020, 16:22