Musik - Dødsferd: Neues Album und der zweite Teil von "Suicide and the Rest of Your kind will follow" ist fertig + 7"EP in kürze
dodsferdDas neue Album von Dødsferd, der zweite Teil "Suicide and the Rest of Your kind will follow" ist fertig aufgenommen. Bei der Scheibe hat Wrath mit m.Sarvok von Sarvok und G.N.L.S. kooperiert und beide sind begeistert von dem neuen Material. Das Mixen und Mastern wird im The Omegha Studio erledigt und auch das Artwork ist in Arbeit. Weitere Details werden bald bekanntgegegen.
In der Zwischenzeit kann man die, in kürze via Transcending Obscurity in verschiedenen Formaten erscheinende 7" EP "Skotos", erwerben.

» I am very proud to announce that my new album, the second part of "Suicide and the Rest of Your kind will follow" album has been completed. A very soul destroying procedure that was completed in the greatest and most powerful way.
On this album I had the honor to cooperate with the mastermind of Sarvok and G.N.L.S., m.Sarvok! We were both amazed by the unique result of our alliance for once again!!! Really honored with his inspiring contribution to such an album, full of emotions and powerful meanings!!!!
Total Respect goes to Giannis Leledakis (The Omegha Studio) for mixing and mastering in the greatest way this unique album and giving his own signature in the sound of such an emotional album!!! Really honored with his devotion and professionalism!!!
Bacchus (Grab, x-Lotus Circle) has already started working on the artwork of the album and the first previews, are truly breathtaking!!!
Details will follow soon with the artwork, titles of the songs, release date etc!!!
Till then, you can await for the new 7"ep, "Skotos" that will soon be released by Transcending Obscurity Records on various formats!!!! An astonishing work for once again!!!!
With Respect
Wrath of Dødsferd!!!
UnDerTaker am 18.01.2021, 17:58