Musik - Iron Flesh neu bei War Anthem Records
 Iron Flesh aus Bordeaux/Frankreich haben einen Deal mit WAR ANTHEM RECORDS eingefahren.
Das label wird das zweite Album der HM2-Fanatics "SUMMONING THE PUTRID" endlich auf Vinyl veröffentlichen, nachdem das Album bereits im November letzten Jahres über Great Dane Records auf CD erschienen ist.

With their second album "SUMMONING THE PUTRID" these HM2-Fanatics released a stone crushing, varied piece of Old School Death Metal, "a nasty conglomeration of filthy, old school riffs, grusomely guttural vocals, and harsh rusty hooks" (NoCleanSinging)
While Great Dane Records released the album on CD back in last November, we're very pleased to give this old school record an traditional medium, where it belongs to: Vinyl!

As we already announced proudly, we're about to release the latest album "Summoning the Putrid" of french old school deathers Iron Flesh on vinyl very soon.
To give their rotting, putrid HM2-sound a worthy artwork, they've chosen the perfect artist for it: The great Skaðvaldur from Iceland (also known for artworks of CRYPTIC BROOD, RIPPED TO SHREDS or CARNAL TOMB...) created a really feast for the eye of every creepy horror fan. We think that the cover alone justifies a vinyl release, right?
Exorzist am 24.01.2021, 15:03