Musik - CRAWLING CHAOS zeigen "The Prince Is Here" via Decibel Magazine
 Das Decibel Magazine zeigt jetzt "The Prince Is Here", das neue Video der italienischen Death Metaller CRAWLING CHAOS:

Der Titel stammt vom "XLIX" Album das bei Time To Kill Records erschienen ist.

"XLIX" tracklist:
01. My Golden Age
02. The Prince Is Here
03. Block And A Bloody Knife
04. 49th, Or The Law Of Desperation
05. Ishnigarrab, Or The Awful Offspring Of The Goat
06. Covered In Debris
07. Doom Of Babylonia

Line up:
Manuel Guerrieri – “MG” – Guitars, Vocals
Andrea Velli – “Shub” – Guitars, Backing Vocals
William Leardini – “Will” – Fretless Bass
Edoardo Velli – “Yog” – Drums
Alucard am 03.02.2021, 17:13