Musik - The Stone - "Kosturnice" kommt Ende März
 Die serbischen Black Metaller The Stone haben jetzt Details vom kommenden Album "Kosturnice" verkündet.

01. Pramaglina
02. Okamenjen
03. Kosturnice
04. Tremors Beneath the Ground of the Charnel House
05. Ime koje su razvejali vetrovi
06. Engulfed by the Abyss
07. Omnicid
08. Jebes pero, dodaj mac

"Kosturnice" will be released on March 26th 2021 on CD in a limited amount of 1000 copies on Jewel Case and 500 copies on Digipack + Poster. On 12" Vinyl + A2 Poster in a limited amount of 333 copies, "coming in 3 different colours: "122 x Black Vinyl, 111x Opaque Brown Vinyl, 100x Transparent Ultra Clear / Black Marble Vinyl and on Digital format.

Recorded at Hellsound Studio & Womb Wrath Chamber in 2020.
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Honza Kapák.
Artwork by Dragan Paunovic.
Photos by Vladimir Milovanovic.
Alternative Front Cover & Frame Artwork by Opposition Artworks.
Layout & Design by WrathDesign.

Alucard am 14.02.2021, 10:33