Musik - INFERNO veröffentlichen die erste Single aus "PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)"
 Nach zwei kurzen Teasern aus dem kommenden INFERNO Album "PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)" gibt es jetzt den ersten vollständigen Titel zu hören.
"The Wailing Horizon" kann bei Youtube oder Bandcamp (better quality!) angetestet werden.

01. Decaying Virtualities Yearn For Asymptopia
02. The Wailing Horizon
03. Descent Into Hell Of The Future
04. Phosphenes
05. Ekstasis Of The Continuum
06. Stars Within And Stars Without Projected Into The Matrix Of Time

The album was recorded at the KSV Studios in Prague, and famous Icelandic producer Stephen Lockhart (SINMARA, SVARTIDAUĐI) took care of the mixing and the mastering. If you want to know more details about "PARADEIGMA (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)" and read a small interview with the band about the first single, please visit our HOMEPAGE.

Pre-orders are possible from now on via our EU, US, and Bandcamp shops. The album will be released on CD, vinyl, and digitally on May 7th!
Alucard am 05.03.2021, 14:02