Musik - Nordjevel veröffentlichen neue Single "Gnawing The Bones"!
 Die Norwegischen Black Metaller von Nordjevel haben ihre neue Single “Gnawing The Bones" veröffentlicht. Die neue Single als Lyric-Video gibt es HIER zu sehen.

“Gnawing The Bones” ist die zweite Single von der kommenden 5 Song EP “Fenriir”, welche am 7.Mai erscheint.

"Fenriir" is an EP that shows all sides of NORDJEVEL, from the very beginning, right up to where we are now. We had a few extra tracks which we decided early on in the recording process didn`t fit our upcoming album, so we decided to include two tracks, the title track "Fenriir", along with "Rovdyr", and make them exclusively available for this EP.

To make the release more special, we also decided to record " Gnawing The Bones" which is one of the new songs that will be on the upcoming album. We also wanted to include a live track, so we mixed and mastered a version of " Det Ror Og Ror" which was recorded live at Brutal Assault in 2019 by Hugo Alvarstein.

And of course we couldn't miss the opportunity to record a cover of "Fallen Angel" by the mighty POSSESSED. It is our tribute to them as the pioneers they are for our music, and also to honour them after we had the pleasure of touring with them last year.

Gnawing The Bones
Fallen Angel (Possessed Cover)
Det Ror og Ror (Live At Brutal Assault 2019)
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