Musik - Dödsrit veröffentlichen erste Single "Shallow Graves"
 Die schwedisch/niederländische Black Metal Formation Dödsrit hat ihre erste Single "Shallow Graves" vom kommenden Album "Mortal Coil" veröffentlicht. "Mortal Coil" ist bereits das dritte Album von Dödsrit und wird am 28.Mai über WOLVES OF HADES veröffentlicht.


"Out from a concept of misery and suffering, our feeble and dying world is the subject of a new hymn to its demise. 'Mortal Coil' is Dödsrit's third full-length, featured on a yet short career though wholly filled with soul drenching moments. Featuring four tracks, Dödsrit's 'Mortal Coil' hails the smothering ashes of purgatory's flames by forging a wall of soul tearing riffing, blistering belligerence conjoining melody with aggression, a genuine blaze of cacophony and heart wrenching melancholy."

1. The Third Door (11:16)
2. Shallow Graves (07:21)
3. Mortal Coil (08:36)
4. Apathetic Tongues (09:34)
Total: (36:47)

Out under the banner of Wolves of Hades, 'Mortal Coil' is a eulogy to the world in flames - to the hell we call our home.
Exorzist am 01.04.2021, 12:20