Musik - Neuer Song von HEXORCIST
 Die amerikanischen Deather von HEXORCIST haben jetzt den zweiten Song "Dennouncing the Immaculate" von ihrem am 26.Juli ├╝ber Unholy Prophecies erscheinenden Album "Evil Reaping Death" Online gestellt.

The song is called "Dennouncing the Immaculate" and it's another perfect sample of what this album stands for: "just an endless stream of ripping riffs, domineering drums, face-melting solos and beastly vocals with a decimating performance and production that lands the blasphemous blows with no respite", as someone described it on the world wide web a few days ago!

Checkt den neuen Song HIER!

Tracklisting for HEXORCIST's "Evil Reaping Death"

1. Exulting The Adversary
2. Sentry At The Seven Gates
3. Unblessing The Reverent
4. Proverbs of Pestilence
5. Denouncing The Immaculate
6. Evil Reaping Death
7. Unrighteous Ceremony
8. Accursed Affirmations
9. Praising The Most Foul
10. Crucifixion (DEVASTATOR Cover)
Exorzist am 17.06.2021, 20:11