Musik - God Dethroned mit neuem Drummer
 Die niederländischen Deather von God Dethroned sind mit neuem Drummer wieder ready to kill!

When Michiel announced his departure from GD early 2020 i didn't feel the need to respond or put out a statement immediately. There's a time for everything.
I saw it coming and i totally understood his decision, especially where he was at that moment in time, so we parted as friends. We wish him all the best of luck and we know it will come his way.
For me it was already a no brainer who would follow him up. I knew a guy from the time i fulfilled the bass duties in Dictated and i liked his style a lot.
But then covid came and everything grinded to a halt. Then depression came, but luckily only for a short while when i started to realize that i had plenty of things to catch up with. Things that had been lying around for about a decade or so. Then demotivation came which lasted until about late May of this year. And then finally realisation came. That we had to get a move on. Get prepared to play live again. It's in our blood and without it we are nothing. All of a sudden all kinds of offers for great shows came our way again and so we found ourselves rehearsing for this past month and we are ready for battle again. With a great new drummer. To make a long story short, here he is, say hi to Mr. Frank Skillpero !!!

Cheers, your Serpent
Exorzist am 11.07.2021, 19:24