Musik - VOID SPECTRE zeigen ersten Titel "Bereft of Essence"
 Void Spectre ist das neueste Kind von Avenger (Front Beast, Nocturnal, Szarlem und und und...).

Aus der kommenden "To behold a temple in ruins" EP gibt es jetzt schon "Bereft of Essence" zum antesten: Void Spectre - Bereft of Essence

V.Lord - Vocals
C.Defiler - Guitars
Avenger - Drums/Bass/Synth

A new black metal entity worshipping the early to mid 90s !
"The first EP "To behold a temple in ruins" currently in the planning stage ! More news soon !

This first offering will be 3 Songs plus in and outros with a playing time of over 30 minutes.

Recorded MMXXI a.y.p.s. in the Somewhere in Nowhere Studio by Avenger.
Mixed and mastered by Sascha Bastian/Journey into Eternity Studios

VOID SPECTRE Logo by Invoker"
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