Musik - Neuer Song von GOAT TORMENT Online
 Die belgischen blackened Deather GOAT TORMENT beehren uns mit dem zweiten Titel aus dem kommenden ‘Forked Tongues’ Album. Das Werk soll am 29.Oktober erscheinen, den neuen Song Disorder and Disruption könnt ihr HIER antesten.

GOAT TORMENT comments on the track: "Here is our second promo track from the new album. 'Disorder and Disruption' is the annihilation of everything while all worlds shake into one. The speaking tongues resonate through the bowels of the earth and through the dwelling eternal fires. The kingdom's key has made its' turn and barriers are torn apart!"

Pantheon Of Devourment
Disorder And Disruption
Forked Tongues
The Road To Oblivion
Deceitful Faith
Ravenous Ghouls
Charnel Houses
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