Musik - Erster Song vom neuen ARCHGOAT Album
 Die finnischen Finsterheimer von Archgoat haben den ersten neuen Song vom kommenden Album "Worship The Eternal Darkness" Online gestellt. Den neuen Song "Heavens Ablaze" k├Ânnt ihr HIER antesten.

The new composition highlights the angelslaying trademarks of the Finnish horde while simultaneously avoiding stagnancy. Stomping drums, buzzing guitars and blasphemous screams/grunts are potently interwoven with Doom passages as well as subtle melodies and cutting lead guitars. 'Heavens Ablaze' is a versatile hymn to the eternal darkness.

ARCHGOAT molded their patented synthesis of occult Finnish Black/Death Metal, harsh Punk, primal Thrash and Grindcore into ten captivating and blasphemous hymns:

01. Intro
02. Heavens Ablaze
03. Black Womb Gnosis
04. All Christianity Ends
05. In Extremis Nazarene
06. Rats Pray God
07. Empyrean Armageddon
08. Blessed In The Light Of Lucifer
09. Worship The Eternal Darkness
10. Burial Of Creation
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