Musik - Pillars Of Autumn veröffentlichen neues Album "Sodomizer II" am 13.11.2021, Single "The Hunt" bereits online
sodomizer%20album%20cover%20Die Kanadische Deathcore Combo Pillars Of Autumn hat vom kommenden Album "Sodomizer II" die Single "The Hunt" online gestellt. Das Album der Band aus Toronto wird am 13.11.2021 erscheinen und 9 neue Songs enthalten.
Das Artwork stammt von Erskine Designs

Die Band zum Album: » The world has a way of convincing itself that the boogeyman isn't real, and for a moment, it seemed to be true. Yet, deep within the seedy underbelly of a city long forgotten, a great evil has re-emerged. Sodomizer II is a viscerally pummeling experience in quality and concept, intertwining the psychological depth of the human condition with the vast unknown of the criminal mind. Brutal and breathtaking, this album is an experience of love, loss and liberation, not only from one's deepest primal urges, but also from one's true self. Bear witness to the madness and heed his call. The Sodomizer lives once more. «

The Emergence
The Hunt
The Witness
The Pessimist
The Separatist
The Optimist
The Realist (feat. Bobbi Vanet)
The Confession
The Redeemer

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