Musik - CAILLEACH CALLING unterzeichnen bei Debemur Morti Productions
 CAILLEACH CALLING bestehen aus Gitarrist/Bassist Tony Thomas (BOTANIST, DAWN OF OUROBOROS) und Sängerin Chelsea Murphy (DAWN OF OUROBOROS), das Schlagzeug übernahm Yurii Kononov (ex-WHITE WARD). Die Band hat jetzt einen Vertrag mit Debemur Morti unterzeichnet, das Debütalbum der Atmospheric Black Metaller namens "Dreams Of Fragmentation" soll dort im März 2022 erscheinen.

Tony kommentiert den Deal:
"I have been a fan of many artists that have worked with DMP over the years, namely PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND, MANES, BLUT AUS NORD, WHITE WARD and ULCERATE. I thought I had created something with CAILLEACH CALLING that potentially had an atmospheric vibe that would fit well on their roster. When I look for a label for a new project I have created, I like to consider a few things: first, do I think my music would be a good fit for their audience and the philosophy of a label? And have they released albums that I have enjoyed and been inspired by? Of course, there are many other things to consider after a dialog has been established, but I felt DMP could meet what I look for in a label and I felt I could potentially bring something that they would be proud to support."

Einen Einblick in "Dreams Of Fragmentation" bekommt ihr hier:
Alucard am 22.12.2021, 19:41