Musik - Türkische Death Metaller DESECRATE verkünden, dass die Iranerin Haniye Kian den Posten der Sängerin übernommen hat
desecrateMit der Iranerin Haniye Kian haben die türkischen Death Metaller DESECRATE nun eine Sängerin am Start. In einem kurzen Video könnt ihr euch ein Bild von ihr machen.

Haniye Kian kann folgende Skills aufweisen:
-She learned western styles and methods such as blues, rock and metal under the supervision of Chris Keller and Mara Linesko, and Extreme Metal by Rafal Rasta Piotrowki , vocalist of death metal band ," Decapitated ".
-Tehran Symphony Orchestra Soloist Concert in Delhi
-India Invited by UNESCO in Iranian Genuine Music Concert in Konya Turkey
-Qamasari in Progressive Rock genre “Black Is the Night”
-she collaborated with American Band “Amplified”
-video Training Package for Singers, Actors, and Voice Players, in Collaboration with the Choreographer Music Collection; she held vocal training workshops in different cities of the country and educational institutions
-Haniye had shared the stage as cover band and opened for All-star band "Hail" in dubai, 2019
-winner of Bronze Medal of global music awards 2021 for "Sound of Fetus"

UnDerTaker am 30.12.2021, 15:36